Reiki Master

As a Reiki Master, let me show you how to harness the energy to help heal and revitalize yourself from the inside out.  We will move out all the stress and negative energy for a more balanced, less stressed, cleaner body. 

    By practicing the discipline of Reiki you regain your natural abilities to heal and the knowledge you require to lead a happier more fulfilling life.


    Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It offers the gift of vitality and self-preservation. By the laying-on of hands healing technique you use life force energy to heal and balance the energy in our bodies (physical, mental and spiritual.

    Reiki is in the genetic make-up of all creation. We are all connected to energy that is life to all living things in the universe. We have the wisdom to heal by using our own energy but these basic skills have been long forgotten and hardly used today. We need to practice what we know and use what we are capable of for our life, for our health. We need to bridge the gap between ancient and modern technology and Reiki is the key. 

    Benefits of working with a Reiki Master


    • Promotes overall wellness by regulating harmony and balance
    • Helps in releasing toxins from the body
    • Balances mind, body and spirit by breaking down energy blocks
    • Supports and enhances immune system by promoting ‘self healing’
    • Helps in emotional cleansing thereby improving focus and improving sleep

    Life Coach

    Business Coach

    Story Teller



    Remember, Reiki is a tool that can offer amazing healing benefits, but it is not a replacement for medical treatment.  If you are suffering from a health condition, whether you practice Reiki or not, you should seek medical advice from a professional.